Saturday, February 23, 2019

Papercrafting videos this week and griping about all the rain in Tennessee!!!

Hi all!  I've posted a few videos this week and have more planned for next week!  I've been having lots of fun indoors while it's been pouring buckets and buckets of rain outside.  My first winter in TN is definitely living up to the warnings!!  Even the locals say they are tired of the rain!

This is the March Craft With Heart process video - I LOVED these layouts!  I can see all kinds of ways to use these same ideas in other pages to tell a multi page story.

I am donating some cards to a card drive for Children's Hospital so these are some videos capturing five of the designs I am putting together.  I love making cards for kids and these kids definitely need the pick-me-up!  If you are interested in taking part, you need to have your cards to Mary early next week.  Info on how to contact her is in the description box in both videos.

Well I'm off to the Y for my water aerobics class and then it's back home to do more crafting!  I have several layouts coming your way and an unboxing of a fun quilting subscription service I just received!  Watch for some actual sewing videos coming soon on my blog and YT channel!!!

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