Saturday, February 20, 2016

Great Workshop

We had the best time at my church last night making cards!  About 30 ladies joined in and made the cards that I featured last month.  I think it went really well and they whipped those five cards out so fast!  I think we are going to do a Christmas Card Workshop probably in November and I think this time I'll design six or seven cards since they finished these last ones so quickly!

I wanted to share some of the fun alterations the ladies made.  I love it when someone takes an idea and makes it their own.

However, the best part of the night for me was when one of the ladies came up to me to thank me for presenting the workshop and she told me, "I didn't think I'd be able to make these cards, but I did!"  For me showing someone what they CAN do is the greatest thrill!  That's why I love to teach paper crafting and sewing.  People can do so much more than they think they can.  I told the ladies last night that perfection is not allowed and there are no mistakes.  I hope they know how proud I am of them all that they stepped outside their comfort zones and created something that will bless the person they give it to.  I know I was blessed by them all!!