Friday, April 4, 2014

ChildSafe Success Story

Hi all! Just wanted to remind you that I am running a fundraiser through Close To My Heart through the end of April. Here's the link for more information :

The funds I raise are going to ChildSafe Colorado and I wanted to share a success story they have posted on their website:


Katy, age 5, comes from an upper middle class, two-parent home with loving, supportive parents and extended family. Katy attended daycare at a home that was considered a second family to Katy. What Katy's parents didn't know was that from the time Katy was 6 months old until she was 3, she was being sexually abused by the daycare provider's husband.

Kay's parents noticed that she was at times aggressive, slapping and kicking her parents. Katy felt that her parents must have known what Jim was doing to her and felt it was okay because they continued to take her to Jim's home for daycare. Jim told her he was her best friend, so at Katy's young age of 3, in her mind a best friend was someone who couldn't be trusted and who hurt you. In preschool she was labeled as "bad" because she frequently hit or bit other children.

When Katy persisted in kissing and touching little boys at preschool, the staff was alarmed. She, like many of the children in treatment at ChildSafe, was headed for expulsion from preschool and further labeling. The very coping mechanisms that this child developed as a way of dealing with her early sexual abuse became the source of yet another layer of dysfunction and problems.

Fortunately, at age 3, Katy began receiving therapy from ChildSafe when her parents found out what Jim had done to her. In addition, her parents became actively involved in one of the parents' therapy groups where they were given tools to help her heal.

Today, at age 5, Katy is well on her way to leading a functional, healthy life – quite different from the life she would have led without therapeutic intervention.

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